Hollyland Solidcom M1 as Designated Event Intercom System at Prolight + Sound Guangzhou (PLSG) 2022

Shenzhen, China, March 25, 2022  –  The 20th edition of Prolight + Sound Guangzhou (PLSG), known as the largest entertainment and pro AV trade fair in China, was successfully held from February 25 to 28, 2022, in Area A & B of China Import and Export Fair Complex, covering 16 thematic halls spanning 160,000sqm.

With co-organizer Messe Frankfurt offering the dedicated digital platform - PLSG Live and Online - along with the physical show, the fair received present and online attention globally with more than 1,400 exhibitors.

Aiming to foster communication and collaboration across the direct and vertical markets, all while offering an immersive audio-visual visiting experience for visitors, the PLSG organizer had formulated the unique "PLS Xtage" theme event held in Hall 12.2. 

The PLS Xtage hall ground was built into a multi-functional stage for performers to deliver an immersive audio-visual feast and offer a whole new interactive entertainment experience for the audiences. 

Effective communication and cooperation of the line-up were critical to ensuring efficient preparation and execution of this grand event. For this purpose, the PLS team had designated Hollyland Solidcom M1 as the major team communication solution for the event. Two cascaded sets of this flagship wireless intercom system were deployed on-site. The PLS crew also invited the Hollyland team to provide technical support for the smooth operations on-and-off stage throughout the event.

Wireless Video Transmitter And Receiver Hdmi

Cascade Connection via a Network Cable or XLR Cable

The two Solidcom M1 sets at PLS Xtage were cascaded via a standard network cable of 328ft (100m). With the FRP antennas installed, the systems endowed an extended overall communication range in a 360° radius while enabling simultaneous team conversations involving up to 16 members. 

To add more options and flexibility for the crew, each Solidcom M1 base station can cascade with multiple third-party systems using network cables or XLR cables via 2-Wire, 4-Wire, or two POE/LAN cascading interfaces.

Hdmi Transmission

Illustration: Two Sets Solidcom M1 Intercom System Cascading via Standard RJ45 Cable

Intuitive Grouping up to 3 Groups

The line-up at PLS Xtage included multiple parties, and small groups focused on different assignments for the same goal. The Solidcom M1's easy grouping operation came in handy, especially for the director group in allocating tasks and messages to each team, which significantly improved coordination efficiency as crew members busied around different sectors at the scene.

Enhanced Audio Quality

Adopting self-developed Noise-Cancellation Algorithms and a super-wide frequency response from 200Hz to 7KHz, the Solidcom M1 delivers authentic and astonishing sound at a broadcast-level sampling rate. During peak times of the event, when music, people's chattering, and noises fill the place, the LEMO dynamic headsets saved the day with clear exchanges of teammates' voice messages and easy microphone status control.


Solidcom M1 is a good fit for medium to large events ranging from 100 to 1000 guests. The standard package comes with eight beltpacks, each equipped with two removable and rechargeable Li-ion batteries, facilitating extended working hours whenever needed.

As Mr. Hongbo Jiang, Director of Guangdong International Science and Technology Cooperation Centre, said, "By delivering new show content together with sourcing, networking and educational opportunities at the highest level, we hope to provide the industry with the support it needs.” The Hollyland team is proud to contribute to such events. As a customer-centric company, we put the customers at the center of everything. Listen to and focus on fulfilling their needs with excellent services.

Since its debut, the Solidcom M1 wireless intercom system has received wide popularity among production and behind-the-scenes teams. It has been used as the major intercom tool for team coordination in church events, electronic field productions, exhibitions, concerts, webinars, etc. 

Check out more info on the Solidcom M1: https://www.hollyland-tech.com/detail-solidcomm1

Prolight + Sound Guangzhou is organized by Messe Frankfurt and the Guangdong International Science and Technology Exhibition Company (STE). For more details about the show, visit www.prolightsound-guangzhou.com

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