Vlog & Live Streaming

Vlog & Live Streaming

For videographers, vloggers, podcasters, or anyone working within the creative audio space, or who needs to gather quality audio in the field, but doesn't want to deal with the hassles associated with wired microphones, Hollyland's Lark series wireless microphones offer a variety of options for your next-level audio recordings.

Wireless Audio Recording Solution for Vlog & Live Streaming

For what the wireless microphones are up to, Hollyalnd's Lark series audio recording systems follow the initial design intents for good wearability, superior sound quality, and smooth audio recording backed with advanced signal processing technologies.

Easy Setup with Portable Charging Case

The Lark 150 system is super easy to set up, as the receiver and transmitter modules auto-pair when removed from the charging case. Unlike any other charging case, the LARK 150’s has magnetic lids and battery indicators. The case functions as a charger and protection container, making it easy to take care of the product.

Smooth Recording with Excellent Anti - interference Capability

Lark 150 is equipped with an FHSS technology (frequency-hopping spread spectrum) that allows the device to automatically pair the transmitter(s) and the receiver with an intelligent frequency selection. So you can rest assured you won't have to deal with any unwanted interferences. The system provides a 328ft (100m) working distance with only a 5 ms latency. 

Lark M1
Lark 150



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