Hollyland MARS T1000: Unboxing, Features, Highlights

The MARS T1000 is Hollyland’s ground-breaking full-duplex intercom system that includes a base station, 4 beltpacks, 5 headphones, 1 extra base station antenna and other accessories. This system provides smooth coordination and cooperation experience at a surprisingly affordable price of $1799 USD. Perfect for broadcasting, training and meetings, the MARS T1000 offers unlimited communication possibilities for small, medium or even large teams.

In this review, Greg from YouTube channel Greg-W will unbox the MARS T1000 and introduce some of the product features as well as highlights.

Inside the Box

Hollyland Wireless Intercom

The MARS T1000 contains everything you will need for efficient and accurate team coordination. Unlike most wireless intercom systems on the market, the MARS T1000 boasts an intuitive and ready-to-use system that requires little assembly.

Product Name


Base Station




Professional Dynamic Side-Ear Headset


1.9G High Gain Base Station Antenna


Type-C Cable


4-Pin XLR Adaptor


User Manual


Features and Highlights

Compact and Ready-to-Use Design

Comes in a minimalism carrying case, the MARS T1000 is nicely packed. The only thing you will need to do after the unpacking is to link the base station to the beltpacks. Long press the center button on each beltpack and go to pair and then select one of the four slots that are available for the four beltpacks.

The microphones are set to be muted by default when you using it for the first time. To switch to Talk mode you can long press the button on the side of the beltpack. You don’t have to hold the button on to talk as is the case with walkie talkies. Double tap this button the microphone is muted. Another way to mute your mic is by raising up the boom of your headset when the microphone is on Talk mode.

Full-Duplex Communication

As a full-duplex communication system, the MARS T1000 allows two or more parties or devices to communicate in both directions, which is very important for live production. The system also allows communication of up to 5 people with one base station and four beltpacks. Usually you will give the base station to the video director and give the beltpacks to the camera operators.

Tally Feature

The Hollyland T1000 supports connecting to external tally lights. For those of you who don’t know what tally is, a tally light is a small signal-lamp on a professional video camera or monitor. It is usually located just above the lens or on the electronic viewfinder (EVF) and communicates, for the benefit of those in front of the camera as well as the camera operator, that the camera is 'live' - i.e. its signal is being used for the 'main program' at that moment.

Small as the tally light is, it is considered one of the “must-haves” in studios as it enables the camera operator to notify the operator when the camera is live without audio communication.

In conclusion, this intercom kit is a must-have for videography teams. It will help simplify your workflow and greatly improve teamwork efficiency. Offering everything you will need to get started in the wireless intercom game, the Hollyland Mars T1000 is an unrivaled option.

Please check here for more details of MARS T1000.

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