Hollyland Launches Solidcom C1 Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom Headset System

Real-time Handsfree Communication for Next-level Team Synergy

Shenzhen, China, March 31st, 2022 – Hollyland’s Solidcom C1 is a new full-duplex wireless intercom headset system featuring advanced DECT 6.0 with encryption technology. Solidcom C1’s 1.9GHz DECT ensures reliable and secure communications in a radius up to 1000ft. This comfortable headset-based system offers battery life up to ten hours, and is portable and hands-free – it requires no beltpacks and can operate effectively without hubs or base stations.

Wireless Mic

Clear and secure communications

DECT 6.0 provides excellent transmission stability with doubled user capacity per communication channel. A dual-antenna diversity scheme helps ensures uninterrupted team communication in complex environments. DECT 6.0 encryption technology prevents outsiders from listening in.

The Solidcom C1 headsets ensure clear, accurate audio quality for effective teamwork, even in noisy environments, thanks to a wideband frequency response of 150Hz-7KHz and premium AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation). The directional microphone captures the speaker's voice clearly while minimizing unwanted noise, and it mutes automatically when the mic boom is raised.

The Solidcom C1 master headset creates a reliable wireless communication radius up to 1,000ft line of sight. So your team can stay connected and move freely anywhere within event areas such as weddings, conferences, small churches, large filming sites, etc.

The optional Solidcom C1 Hub base can provide the same coverage while further extending system potentials to accommodate your various needs. The battery-powered hub offers an array of additional functions, such as the cascaded connection of up to three systems via IP networks, A/B grouping, and a one-key mute and announce feature to communicate instantly with all headsets.

Last but not least, it features the convenient UAC feature, enabling direct access to any cloud meetings running on ZOOM, SKYPE, or any meeting program on your personal computer via a simple USB-C connection. 

Comfort and ease of use

Each headset weighs only 168g, lighter than most mobile phones, ensuring it is comfortable to wear for hours. The headset is exquisitely crafted with PC-ABS materials, guaranteeing outstanding flexibility and durability. The system is ready to use, automatically pairing up right out of the box.

Each intercom headset comes with a spare lithium battery for convenient field replacement, keeping the system up and running with minimal downtime. The batteries are rechargeable externally with a dedicated multi-port charger. Batteries require only 2.5 hours to reach full charge, and provide up to 10 hours run time for each headset (5-6 hours for the system master headset).

Check out more info of the Solidcom C1: https://www.hollyland-tech.com/detail-solidcomc1

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