Q:Can I buy extra antennas or extra receiver?
Yes, we can offer extra antennas and receiver, you can contact us directly or contact with our local dealer for purchase.
Q:What is the aftersales service policy?
Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction. We offer one year aftersales service to customer, if you have any product quality problem, you can leave a message at contact us page. Besides, you can contact with our local dear, the dealer information is in: Where to buy.
Q:Where can I buy Hollyland Products?
1. Dealers: Find your local dealer at: Where to buy.
2. Contact us directly at: Contact US
Q:No sound output of Bluetooth earphone

1. Check the Bluetooth earphone power first;


2. It may cause by the Bluetooth earphone and Bluetooth module is not paired, and then please follows the steps to pair them;


3. Bluetooth earphone the working distance up to 5-6m, please check if it works over the distance. If it is yes, please go back to its working distance.


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