2/4 Wire Converter
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One Button for Echo Processing

One button especially designed for echo processing with the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology for echo elimination, easy and convenient.

 4W Audio Gain Adjustment

±6 ultra high adjustment range to effectively adjust the volume of both the wired and wireless system

High-Definition Sound Quality

Providing the possibility to interconnect with several wired and wireless intercom systems still with high-definition sound quality

4 Sets Combination for 1U Standard Setup

Supports standard 1/4 U structure accessory for 4 sets combination of 2/4 wire connections, for flexible daisy-chain and broader communication coverage

2-Wire Connection for Direct Power Supply

Direct power supply from the 12~36V 2-wire interface connection with the wired system, no additional power supply needed

220Ω Terminating Resistor Switch

The 220Ω terminating resistor switch supports effective interconnection between SYSCOM 1000T and different models of Datavideo wired intercom systems

Distance Compensation Switches

Two distance compensation switches for easy distance setup to meet up to 200m cable length between the wired system and the converter

Voltage & Static Protection

The voltage protection design effectively prevent damage to the equipment by overvoltage input. ±6000V Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) test to effectively avoid ESD damage in dry or humid environments

Excellent Compatibility

The 2 wire interface is compatible with ClearCom, RTS, Datavideo and other types of wired intercom systems

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