COSMO 1000Plus
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1200Ft Transmission Range

No pressure about transmission,meet your shooting distance needs

More Interface,More Scenarios can be Chosen

Transmitter:SDI/HDMI Input/SDI Loop Out;Receiver:Dual SDI Output/HDMI Input

Broadcast-Level,Uncompressed and Non-delayed HD Signals
Support HD 1080P60 without compression and non-delayed,capture video details,video clearly visible
1 Transmitter with Multiple Receivers
Support one transmitter and multiple receivers for video transmission at the same time;
Multiplex monitoring to reduce costs
Support Trigger,Synchronous Recording

Support slow motion recording,compatible with 25/50/100 FPS.
Automatically synchronize camera recording

Support Timecode
Support LTC & VITC Timecode. Higher accuracy,no skipping and delay frame.
Facilitate the director,recording engineer and other staffs to organize record
USB Software Upgrade
USB software upgrades automatically and is easy to operate,
adding value to your products
OLED Screen

Status reading easily,displaying current channel,signal strength, video format, fan status and temperature

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