MARS T1000 is an economic 1.9Hz wireless intercom system with four belt packs, one base station, five side-ear headsets, and other accessories that Hollyland Technology brought into the industry for quite a while now. People did take some time to accept this piece of communication gear for intercoms that have never been so affordable before, particularly not with an intercom system packed with many valued features, such as the 1,000ft of range, portable beltpacks, long hours of running time, external tally, etc.

Let us first take a quick look at its features,


This one is easy to tell from the name. The transmission range between the base station and each beltpack could reach up to 1,000ft clean line of sight(LOS), with carrier-grade voice quality wireless communication. This system is unlike many so-called full-duplex intercom systems that only work half-duplex that if people tend to communicate with each other, the ones speaking still need to wait until the other person stopped talking. MARS T1000 does the trick. It offers on-location full-duplex communication with no further button clicking or whatsoever.


Both the base station and beltpack is equipped with an OLED screen that makes all settings visible. It provides essential information display such as beltpack number, connection status, battery status, and signal strength of the device.



The base station supports L-series batteries and wall adaptor power supply. When the base station is powered by F970 batteries, each battery provides 20 hours of running time. It means 2 fully charged F970 batteries will keep the base station running for 40 hours, which is more than enough for most shoots. All beltpacks are with built-in lithium batteries that support type-c charging. A full charge would keep the beltpack running over eight hours. If eight hours are not enough, you can use it while having a power bank connecting with it or using an adaptor for a fixed position.


Both the base station and the beltpacks are with 3.5mm standard headset interface, which means besides the side-ear bulky headsets, you also have the option to use your own daily used cool headphones. 

The standard packing of the system comes with a professional dynamic side-ear headset. Meanwhile, for different applications, Hollyland also provides different headset options in a rich list of accessories, such as electret side-ear headset, side-ear mobile earphone, air duct earphone, and professional dynamic double-sided headset.


This is one of the most outstanding user-friendly functions in the mind of many current users. By effectively bringing five people on communication with the MARS T1000 system (one base station and four beltpacks), it could be distracting and interrupting to the rest of the crew if someone left their mic on and noises were passing through. The remote mic kill button on the base station makes it effortless to mute all beltpacks with one button press. Anyone who needs to communicate with the rest of team would then need the apply for the remote mic kill cancellation. 

Another key note to solve the audio distraction is to use Hollyland packed headsets and the director makes it clear to everyone on set to push their mic upward when talking is not needed, so the mic is killed unless it is pushed down again. This one comes handy rather than manually switching between the MUTE and TALK mode on the belppack.


The tally feature can be easily added to the MARS T1000 system with Hollyland Tally Universal Signal Converter accessory. It is not an accessory packed in the box but you can find it easily if tally is something you will need for your production team.



The system supports interconnections with another intercom system with necessary accessories provided by Hollyland, including MARS T1000, Hollyland more professional SYSCOM 1000T, or any 2-wire intercoms from other brands, such as ClearCom, Hanson, RTS, DataVideo, etc.

All in all, Hollyland has put together a very solid, remarkably affordable offering for the intercom market. With the high-built quality, optional tally, small and lightweight form factor, and ability to run completely off batteries, the Hollyland MARS T1000 has an excellent feature set. This new unit should be a very serious contender for applications like weddings, sports events, music concerts, corporate meetings, small- or medium-sized church applications, or for youth rooms or secondary venues in larger churches that already have an intercom in their main venue. It is also widely used in the areas of filmmaking, live broadcasting, emergency dispatch, etc.

Here are the all information about MARS T1000 we would like to share with you. Thanks for your attention and  we hope all these details would be meaningful to your understanding of our brand and products.