SYSCOM 1000T | 1000ft Full-duplex Wireless Communication System


Intercom systems have become an indispensable part of broadcasting, TV, and other show industries, and it has an essebtial impact on event production quality and various process control within each sector. The number of people participating in production is increasing accordingly since the scale of most industries are growing nowadays, and the labor of each division is refined continuously. The venue of an event is no longer constrained to a studio, a theater, a gymnasium, or even in the same city or country. It may also involve multiple studios or even sites far apart. Under these circumstances, a complete communication system is needed to connect all the program crew members effectively. The key to a successful recording or live broadcasting event lies on the effectiveness to bring all the following team members to the same page and to command them, such as the producers, directors, live broadcasting team, program hosts, camera operators, audio team, lighting team, etc.

Compared with a wired intercom system, a wireless intercom system is more convenient. It does not require on-site wiring and storage and is not so much restricted by distance and space. It can be used in various venues such as gymnasium, different levels of a theater, the front and the back of a performance stage. The wireless beltpacks can be carried with the crew members to move around the venue freely.

In particular, the functional diversity brought by the wireless communication system allows the head director, on-site director, broadcast instructor, light and audio technicians to communicate and carry out correct commands smoothly and flexibly.


Hollyland dedicates to wireless audio and video equipment for many years. Following the recent release of a few professional and prosumer wireless video and audio transmission systems, the Shenzhen, Hollyland continues our march with 2 new wireless intercom systems.


With advanced features, solid feel, and reliable construction, the prosumer-level MARS T1000 is surprisingly affordable. Supplied with four portable belt packs, one small-sized base station and five mic/headsets, all with 3.5mm audio connection interfaces, the MARS T1000 comes with everything needed straight out of the box. The 1000ft range offers a sufficient range for most jobs but should you find yourself in situations without access to mains you have the facility to use two Sony NP-F batteries providing 40 hours run time.


Besides that, Hollyland's SYSCOM 1000T is undoubtedly one of the leaders of professional wireless communication systems. Since the release of this system, it has frequently appeared in different live events, shows, and other large-scale events. 

SYSCOM 1000T is a 1000ft full-duplex wireless talkback system supplied in both four and eight beltpacks kit options. The base station has a DB25 tally interface, it supports 3-pin XLR gooseneck mic, loudspeaker call, it can also connect with LEMO headsets and 4-segment 3.5mm earphones.

As with the SYSCOM 1000T, the whole system provides a sidetone feature. Each belt pack provides 10 hours of battery life and can also be charged by a portable power bank. All beltpacks are equipped with a built-in tally feature that can be turned on in the beltpack setting. The two packing options are supplied with either five or nine LEMO headsets. Here are a few other key features of the system, 

The entire team can hear and speak at the same time to achieve synchronized hands-free communication without additional button operations. The microphone of the headset comes with its own switch too so it can be easily turned off by pushing the microphone rod over the head.


The system works straight out of the box. The base station and beltpack can be used right after they are turned on. No further settings are required. Both the base station and beltpacks comes with LEMO and 3.5mm audio jack for the compatibility with professional LEMO headsets and ordinary 3.5mm earphones.

The base station is equipped with an LCD screen and each beltpack with an OLED screen for  information display, including the real-time status of the beltpack, battery power and signal strength, etc.


The communication coverage radius of SYSCOM 1000T is 1000ft. Optional antenna accessories can be selected to expand the coverage. The system comes with both four and eight beltpacks kit options. If eight channels are still not enough, two sets of systems can be daisy-chained to achieve 16-channel full-duplex wireless communication to expand the coverage.

For other applications, it is possible to interconnect SYSCOM 1000T with another wired intercom system, such as ClearCom, RTS, Datavideo, and other wired communication systems.


SYSCOM 1000T uses the 1.9GHz digital communication solution. It is different from the standard solutions used on other wireless devices, such as wireless microphones (600MHz-900MHz), wireless video transmissions (5.8GHz), and walkie-talkie (433MHz). All different frequency bands do not interfere with each other, which makes the system clear of interference even with all types of wireless devices used on site. 


FREQ Response: 300Hz~4KHz

S/N Ratio > 60dB

Distortion Degree < 2%


SYSCOM 1000T can be widely used for different purposes, here are some cases for various applications, some similar to the ones mentioned at the beginning of this article,

  • Television Studios
  • Concerts
  • Product Launch Events
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Filmmaking
  • Church Services
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