MARS X Firmware Upgrade (V1.0.4.4)
We are introducing the new version V1.0.4.4 to the MARS X wireless transmitter. The new version includes,
  1. Improved image quality
  2. Increased smoothness of video playback
  3. Optimized BMPCC compatibility

How to upgrade your MARS X?
  1. Open the HollyView App and select “Firmware Update” under “Me”.
  2. Download the firmware update file.
  3. Connect the App to MARS X and click “Firmware Update” again to upload the firmware to the device.
  4. "Upgrade OK” on the OLED indicates the update is done.
  5. The firmware version on both the device and the App should be V1.0.4.4 after the successful update.

  1. Keep the device connected to the App during the update.
  2. Keep the device fully charged before the update.
  3. For more product information, please refer to our website.