The Frontline Videomakers Assistance Program Announcement - Verified Name Lists
Hollyland Frontline Videomakers Assistance Program ended on May 6th. Thank you for your attention, participation, comments, and sharing. With your support, the post of the program has over 1.8M post reach and the program has 264 applications from all around the world. We are glad that Hollyland Technology can be helpful to the community during these times.

Here are all the applicants' data:  

264 applications
MARS 400S approved: 101
Masks confirmed: 131

The Verified Name List:
Applicants for MARS 400S:
Full Name Country   Full Name Country
Vincent Mont*** France   Valentino Aur*** Switzerland
Simone Sp*** Italy   Peter Coo*** Japan
Federico Sur*** Italy   Matthew Mur*** USA
Maarten Ver*** Netherlands   Denihendrawa*** Indonesia
Matt Dun*** UK   John Michae*** USA
Jose Se*** UK   Denis Kras*** Russia
Luis Ba*** USA   Christoph Hen*** Germany
MELVIN WONG WAI CHI*** Singapore   Andi pa*** Indonesia
Mon*** USA   Peter Sag*** Sint Maarten
Cyril Curtis "Cocoy" Po*** Philippines   Aswin Mu*** Indonesia
Ivan Sy*** Ukraine   Ryan Be*** USA
Elyandre Miguel S Da*** Philippines   Jelle Schoenmak*** Netherlands
Alessandr*** Italy   John Polchow*** USA
FADHILLAH SI*** Indonesia   Nurul Nazarah binti Dza*** Malaysia
Dennis Dil*** USA   James *** USA
Marco Tomase*** Italy   James Rodney St*** USA
Pieter D*** Belgium   Rafael *** USA
David Junsa*** Philippines   Carter Kno*** USA
Brooks Mo*** USA   John K. Fin*** USA
Travis We*** USA   Walmir Jun*** Brazil 
Martin Bach*** Austria   Robert Victor Amags*** Philippines
lakpa she*** USA   Josh Bai*** Australia
Vincent van Schijn*** Netherlands   Kelsie Mo*** USA
Andrea Ri*** Italy   Roljen Japhet R*** Philippines
ivan borm*** Italy   Romulus Gutierre*** Philippines
Martin Simpson-Hug*** UK   Almar Pera*** Philippines
Jeff titans Rebusti*** Philippines   Saxby Di*** Philippines
Renz Nathaniel B. Lu*** Philippines   ABNER ORN*** Philippines
Ahmad Hazieq Zakri Nasarud*** Malaysia   Marlon Ha*** Philippines
Shane Sack*** USA   Allan Aga*** Philippines
Giannis Flou*** Greece   Alexandre Ha*** Canada
Samer As*** Italy    John Rhoel Florent*** Philippines
Brandon Co*** USA   Juan Paolo Christian S. Pantal*** Philippines
Abel Ricardo Correia de Andr*** Portugal   Nathan Cheuvr*** USA
Joel fernando martinez gonz*** Philippines   Matt Go*** USA
Sam T*** Singapore   Riccardo N*** Italy
carlos ivan laguna cord*** Peru   Carmine LiDes*** USA
Anderson Tasinato Pe*** Brazil    Lars Ruizev*** Netherlands
Ryan Brenne*** USA   Matteo T*** Italy
Andrés Alejandro Marrero Calde*** Peru   Edoardo Giuli*** Italy
Roger Mus*** Netherlands   Chan Hin Yat Eug*** Hong Kong
Riccardo M Alf*** Italy   Jerry He*** USA
Ferry Kn*** Netherlands   Carlo Franco Am*** Philippines
Isaiah Mc*** UK   Henri Wester*** Netherlands
Andrés Buitr*** Ecuador   Konrad Schne*** Germany
Riski Ira*** Indonesia   Gage Zan*** USA
Eduardo Espinoza Sua*** Peru   Kent Speak*** USA
Rahmat Gi*** Indonesia   Florian Dec*** Germany
Rob Mas*** USA      
heru prase*** Indonesia      
Patrick Elli*** USA      
Brandon Campb*** USA      
Applicants for Masks:
Full Name Country   Full Name Country
Vincent Mont*** France   Isaiah Mc*** UK
Simone Sp*** Italy   Kai van rookhui*** Netherlands
Federico Sur*** Italy   Arnaud Prov*** France
Maarten Ver*** Netherlands   Andrés Buitr*** Ecuador
Matt Dun*** UK   Riski Ira*** Indonesia
Horacio D*** Dominican Republic   Logan Pera*** USA
Jose Se*** UK   Sparky Soren*** USA
Frank Pl*** USA   Presley Aron*** USA
Luis Ba*** USA   Eduardo Espinoza Sua*** Peru
MELVIN WONG WAI CHI*** Singapore   Rahmat Gi*** Indonesia
Mon*** USA   Jody Eld*** USA
Alexandre Valen*** Portugal   Yaniv Feld*** USA
Eli Scal*** USA   César Gar*** Peru
Omar Sher*** Egypt   Rob Mas*** USA
Jorge Reynaldo Canido Cusican*** Bolivia   heru prase*** Indonesia
Cyril Curtis "Cocoy" Po*** Philippines   Patrick Elli*** USA
Ivan Sy*** Ukraine   Brandon Campb*** USA
widy surya adria*** Indonesia   Travis Br*** USA
Omar Álexi Gutiérrez Mora*** Colombia   Peter Coo*** Japan
Elyandre Miguel S Da*** Philippines   Matthew Mur*** USA
Fahad Rash*** Canada   Sin Van*** Cambodia
Alessandr*** Italy   Denihendrawa*** Indonesia
FADHILLAH SI*** Indonesia   John Michael *** USA
Dennis Dil*** USA   Christoph Hen*** Germany
Marco Tomase*** Italy   Andi pa*** Indonesia
Pieter De V*** Belgium   NAUVAL A*** Indonesia
David Junsa*** Philippines   Peter Sag*** Sint Maarten
Brooks Mo*** USA   Aswin Mu*** Indonesia
Travis We*** USA   Ryan Be*** USA
Martin Bach*** Austria   Jelle Schoenmak*** Netherlands
lakpa she*** USA   John Polchow*** USA
Andrew En*** USA   Abdullah Jan*** USA
KEVIN RE*** USA   James *** USA
Vincent van Schijn*** Netherlands   Neil Okr*** USA
Vijay Rak*** USA   Aun Ul Hai*** Pakistan
Simon Oribhegbe Akha*** Nigeria   Sas Kay*** Germany
Andrea Ri*** Italy   James Rodney St*** USA
ivan borm*** Italy   Rafael *** USA
Martin Simpson-Hug*** UK   Carter Kno*** USA
Jeff titans Rebusti*** Philippines   John K. Fin*** USA
Renz Nathaniel B. Lu*** Philippines   Walmir Jun*** Brazil
Ahmad Hazieq Zakri Nasarud*** Malaysia   Sidney Soa***  
Shane Sack*** USA   Robert Victor Amags*** Philippines
Giannis Flou*** Greece   Josh Bai*** Australia
Oral Berat U*** USA   Kelsie Mo*** USA
Samer As*** Italy   Alex Gonz*** United States
Brandon Co*** USA   Roljen Japhet R*** Philippines
David Dub*** USA   Romulus Gutierre*** Philippines
Abel Ricardo Correia de Andr*** Portugal   Almar Pera*** Philippines
Ian McG*** USA   Saxby Di*** Philippines
Joel fernando martinez gonz*** Philippines   ABNER ORNA*** Philippines
Julian Roger Pie*** USA   Marlon Ha*** Philippines
Sam *** Singapore   Allan Aga*** Philippines
Ricardo rami*** USA   Alexandre Ha*** Canada
carlos ivan laguna cord*** Peru   John Rhoel Florent*** Philippines
Anderson Tasinato Pe*** Brazil   Vincent Ab*** Ireland
Ryan Brenne*** USA   Juan Paolo Christian S. Pantal*** Philippines
Andrés Alejandro Marrero Calde*** Peru   Nathan Cheuvr*** USA
Roger Mus*** Netherlands   Matt Go*** USA
Riccardo M Alf*** Italy   Mike Lad*** USA
Ferry Kn*** Netherlands   Darrian Dor*** USA
Carmine LiDes*** USA   Riccardo N*** Italy
(These lists will be updated if we have got more confirmed information)

The first program includes 100 sets of MARS 400S and 50,000 masks. For those yet-to-be-confirmed applicants, we hope they can get back to us soon, and provide us more details for verification. We are still considering to launch a detailed follow-up program that will be announced in upcoming days to help even more frontline videographers with a wireless monitoring solution.
After this assistance program, we are further convinced of the severity of the pandemic in overseas areas. We will soon start to share frontline content to let more people know the actual situation of this human disaster. We pray for good health for all of you, and those who are still shooting on the frontline. 
Hollyland Technology