Where There’s Help, There’s Hope
In the special period of the epidemic, we cannot control what will happen in the future, we may not be able to communicate face to face, we may not have a friendly hug, but we can decide what we can do!

In the epidemic areas, batches of front line reporters and photographers recoded unforgettable moments in wards, ICUs, and isolation areas. What Hollyland can do is to ensure the safety of these "unsung heroes" as much as possible. Therefore, we have launched the event called THE FRONTLINE VIDEOMAKERS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. It is mainly to provide 50,000 masks for videomaking teams and 100 sets of Mars400S for professional videographers. We hope to assist them to record the scene of the fight against the epidemic and let more people understand the real situation and the hardship of medical staff.

So far, more than 300 photographers in Wuhan were supported by Hollyland, and none of them have been infected. We will continue to do our best to support as much as we can in this global epidemic. We are a community of shared destiny, and only through solidarity and cooperatino can we meet various global risk challenges. Virues need to be overcome, but love will not disappear.

Dear friends, what is your choice? If you know any front line fighters who are recording the touching moments now, please let him contact us and let us help them record safely!