Hollyland Donation
When there is an epidemic crisis like this, there is a lot to do for us, but at the same time, there is so little we can do.

From Hollyland,
1. we purchased 1,000pcs of KN95 masks for Wuhan Huangshi No. 5 Hospital;
2. we donated the rest 28,403RMB to the Wuhan Red Cross Society;
3. we prepared them with extra 2000pcs of surgical masks for the practitioners in the film and television industry in Wuhan. Each practitioner will be able to get 15 masks from our local dealers in Wuhan. We are trying our best to support Wuhan and China to battle against the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus .

Hollyland would like to invite all who are eager to help to join us saving more lives. If you want to make a donation, whether it’s monetary or material, please feel free to reach out to us️️ . 

Appreciated for all your support!!