2017 Dubai Cabsat Exhibition Showtime--Hollyland T

2017 Dubai Cabsat Exhibition Showtime--Hollyland Technology


CABSAT is the leading professional content entertainment event in the MEASA region. An exciting, interactive event featuring all the major global technology and content service providers for this growing industry, CABSAT continues to extend its global and regional reach.

With the dominant broadcast, digital media show, Hollyland Technology with Cosmo Series products included Cosmo400 and Cosmo1000 and more to attract visitors to our booth.

Hollyland Cosmo1000 placed on shelf which mainly for Long Range Wireless Video Transmission Sector.

Cosmo1000 attracted one of our visitors which the system transmitted range is 1000ft, but Up to 1500ft.

Hollyland Wireless Transmission System on Testing with Professional Gears

Great time in Cabsat show such wonderful city, don’t miss to meet up with us next 2018 Cabsat Show!