Mars M1 Firmware Upgrade Guide

 1. Change History








 This is the initial version.

 Google Drive:

 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19MPMIRyZ  K4M5fByZxugzX05kdtZabHJD?usp=sharing



1. Added the video recording/

    playback function.

2. Optimized the startup time.

3. Fixed other known issues.

 Google Drive:


 The upgrade guide applies only to the H210 hardware version. Early demo devices with a hardware version of H130 or H200 cannot be upgraded.

2. What Is New in V2.1.0.3

      1) A 1.6 option is added to the anamorphic de-squeeze function.

      2) 180° horizontal and vertical mirroring are supported. 


3. Upgrade Operation

3.1  Precautions

1) Due to upgrade risks, we do not recommend upgrading the device when using it at important events.

2) A fully charged battery is recommended during the upgrade.

3) Do not unplug the USB flash drive from the device during the upgrade; otherwise, the upgrade may fail.

4) Contact Hollyland technical support at support@hollyland-tech.com if the device does not properly operate after the upgrade.

3.2  Procedure

1) Format the USB flash drive to the FAT32 format, and then place the upgrade file in the USB flash drive root directory.

2) Insert the USB flash drive into the Mars M1 through its USB-C port. The upgrade process will start automatically. Please wait until the upgrade is complete.

3.3  Notes

1) The USB flash drive must be formatted into FAT32 before the upgrade.

2) The upgrade can be performed using a computer running Windows 10/11 or macOS.

3) The memory of the USB flash drive should range from 1 GB to 32 GB. The FAT32 file format is not supported on USB flash drives that have a memory of more than 32 GB.

4) The upgrade file needs to be placed in the USB flash drive root directory, instead of any other directory.

5) After the upgrade, verify whether the device is of the latest firmware version.

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