Firmware Update Enhances Hollyland’s Solidcom M1 Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom System

Hollyland firmware update brings new features to improve ease-of-use, communications quality, and flexibility

Shenzhen, China, January 12, 2022 - Hollyland has enhanced the Solidcom M1
full-duplex wireless intercom system with a free firmware update that adds multiple new features that improve ease-of-use, communications quality, and flexibility. The Solidcom M1 is the new generation 1.9GHz full-duplex professional wireless intercom system that supports eight-channel beltpack simultaneous communication plus cascaded connection of multiple additional devices, and this firmware update makes it even better. The firmware can easily be downloaded and installed by users via Hollyland’s website.

Wireless Transmitter Microphone


Adjustable microphone gain

With the new firmware, microphone gain can more easily be adjusted by users to better suit their communications environment and preferences. This helps improve voice intelligibility and user comfort. The belt pack now provides a button-selectable microphone gain selection screen with three environment settings – Noisy, Standard and Quiet – allowing gain to be adjusted from -2dB to +6dB.

Flexible working modes

Eight new working modes have been added to this wireless intercom system. These include Announce, Talk and Listen, Listen-only, Force Listen, and so on. These modes increase communications flexibility and can be selected based on current team tasks. The original group functions are still available for users who prefer not to use the new working modes.

Belt pack names and network enhancement

Belt packs can now be individually named from the app or device web page. This makes it easier for system operators to identify team members and individual belt packs based on role or function. Finally, the firmware update adds new network configuration settings to make it easier to assign dynamic or static IP (Internet Protocol) addresses for each device on Wi-Fi networks. This helps prevent many potential network configuration problems.

Hollyland Solidcom M1 firmware upgrade instructions

Download and installation:

Find out more about Solidcom M1


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