Media Production

Media Production

HOLLYLAND brings comprehensive wireless audio and video transmission solutions with years of technology dedication in professional film and TV production.
The brand's flagship wireless video transmission systems allow film crews, such as the director, cameraman, focus puller, lighting engineers, and makeup artists etc., to work untethered and on the same page with synchronous wireless video & audio sharing.
A range of customizable wireless intercom systems is provided to meet the demands of varying team sizes and events, enabling real-time, precise voice communication.
With these wireless video & audio and wireless intercom solutions combined, team coordination on the set becomes simpler and more efficient.

Wireless Video Transmission Solution for Film & TV Production

Unlike traditional wired transmission systems, Hollyland's wireless video transmission solutions provide a stable and untethered remote monitoring experience. It's time to get rid of the cluttered wiring scene and create a space for team members to move freely and collaborate more efficiently.

Smooth Video Transmission with Integrated UVC Technology

Hollyland's Cosmo C1 wireless transmission system delivers exceptional reliability and superior anti-interference performance with embedded adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) technology and supports a communication range up to 1000ft. It ensures a super smooth production experience with zero black screens, pauses, or flickerings even when making a frequency switch.
The solution features an integrated design of UVC transmission, which simplifies the remote live broadcast process to the extreme. Now, it only takes just one USB-C cable to pass 1080P60 HD video from the receiver to the computer for direct video sharing with the client or remote teams.

Multi-party Video Monitoring Solution with SDI & HDMI

Hollyland's Mars series wireless image transmission solution uses WiFi technology to provide multi-party device and mobile APP monitoring convenience. This series of cost-effective monitoring systems are tailor-made for small and medium-sized production teams.

Cosmo C1
Mars 400s Pro
Mars 300 Pro

Wireless Intercom Solution for Film & TV Production Teams

Compared with the half-duplex working mode of traditional walkie-talkies or two-way radios, full-duplex intercom systems have outstanding advantages offering bi-directional communications.
Hollyland's full-duplex multi-person wireless intercom solutions offer simultaneous talking and listening experiences that closely mimic real-life face-to-face conversations.

Portable and Hand-free for an Efficient Coordination

Hollyland's Solidcom series systems feature a lightweight, hands-free intercom headset design that allows team members to focus on their works at hand while communicating remotely. The hands-free systems are designed to be easy to use, portable, and with the ability to be quickly deployed on locations, effectively improving communication efficiency on set.

Easier and Reliable Communication with Expandable Needs

Instead of shouting at each other on-site, team conversations and coordination can be much easier and more effective with the
Solidcom series intercom systems. The systems support grouped talk capability and IP networks and 2 wire/4wire cascade interconnections, allowing daisy-chaining of multiple intercom systems to accommodate varying filming scenarios and team complexities.

Solidcom C1
Solidcom M1
Mars T1000



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