House of Worship

House of Worship

Let the staff and volunteers communicate and coordinate smoothly with Hollyland's wireless technologies in managing weekly services. The easy-to-use intercom solutions and reliable wireless HD audio & video transmission setups are gauged to elevate worship performances.

Wireless Video Transmission Solution for Church Production Teams

Leaning into the "new normal" of the post-pandemic world, churches have sought new approaches and mediums to deliver their message and keep up community connections. Live streaming technology has presented an online media solution that allows people to experience church services and creates an environment for people worldwide to engage with others digitally. Hollyland's audio and video transmission solutions, as part of the production workflow, have been widely applied and trusted by church production teams with reliable performance and flexibility in facilitating their live services.

Untethered Multi-person Monitoring

Mars 400S Pro HDMI & SDI wireless video transmission system allows up to four persons to monitor via the Hollyview APP or up to three persons if with APP and the receiver connection combined, at 1080p60fps with up to 12Mbps bit rate and less than 0.1s latency, leveraging team synergy with great flexibility and mobility.

Embedded UVC for Smooth Live Streaming

While the Cosmo C1 video transmission system works on a basic 1-TX-to-1-RX setup, it is built on Hollyland's innovative HEVO solution supporting a transceiving range up to 1000ft. The system has the USB Video Class (UVC) function embedded on the RX, capable of HD video feed up to 1080p60fps by a simple connection to the computer via USB. In a multi-camera live set, you can install more than one system on-site without worrying about cross interfering, and be rest assured of a fluent non-flickering video stream.

Cosmo C1
Mars 400s Pro
Mars 300 Pro

Wireless Intercom Solution for Church Production Teams

When it comes to cameras, communication is critical. Like many live events, worship services tend to have multiple moving parts, and typically the director needs to communicate information accurately, concisely, and clearly, so things don't get missed. Communication must be real-time and practical so that the operator can respond and react fast with confidence. Authentic voice messages, stable connection, a scalable system scheme, and a user-friendly design for all hands make up a competent church intercom setup. These form the basic norms for all Hollyland intercoms.

Scalable, Hands-free, and Grouped Communications

A truly versatile intercom system must be easy to deploy, supports hands-free operation for users to focus on work while conversing, and allow a flexible grouping setting, to accommodate different event scales, housing structures, and team compositions. If this kind of setup is what you are looking for, you can check out the Solidcom M1 full-duplex intercom system. It's offered in 4-beltpack and 8-beltpack package schemes, both including a base station featuring two kinds of antennas to adapt different venue styles, up to 1,300ft communication range, and an easy 3-group grouping setting via the base station, APP, or webpage.

Lifetime Investment

We future-proof product designs not only on the built quality and durability but also on their sustainability and inclusiveness in real-life applications, such as the interfacing compatibilities with mainstream intercoms and unlimited cascading connectivity, to ensure that they are usable for the long haul. Your investment in Hollyland's intercom systems should last for decades, no matter how intercom technology advances.

Solidcom C1
Solidcom M1
Mars T1000



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