Broadcast Production

Broadcast Production

In today's fast-paced productions, whether online or traditional broadcast, live or on location, in front or behind the camera or microphone, broadcast production teams are constantly looking to shorten their workflows with better efficiency. No matter how technologies integrate or advance, precision, quality, and stability of equipment performances are always critical in any investment decision-making. With nearly ten years of dedication to developing wireless audio/video and intercom solutions, Hollyland's commitment to the reliability, practicability, and friendly UX designs of all products has won the trust of industry professionals.

Wireless Video Transmission Solution for Broadcast Production

Video sharing and monitoring needs may differ depending on the size and extent of the production, either running on a recorded or live project. Hollyland provides comprehensive and affordable wireless transceiving solutions to meet different scenarios for small- to medium-sized crews. Whether you are looking for a multi-person monitoring set, a multi-cam transceiving solution, or a direct live feed to the internet, you can always find one that matches.

Multi-Cam Transmitter and Control System

Syscom 421S 4-to-1 A/V Transceiving System with carrying case is a multi-cam wireless video transmission system that communicates with up to four cameras using a single receiver with PTZ control as well as tally. Supporting up to 1080p60 video signals via SDI and HDMI, the transmitter/receiver system offers an 1800' line-of-sight transmission range with 0.07 second latency. The 421S system also supports Ethernet pass-through, so you can stream directly via RTSP to the Internet.

Solidly Built Budget Wireless Video System

The Mars 400S Pro system can stream wirelessly to multiple smart devices with a 300' LOS range, or two devices, and the included receiver with a 400' LOS range. With full-size HDMI and SDI connections at both the transmitter and receiver ends, this means a wide range of cameras and monitors can be accommodated.

At 225g each, the small Mars 400S Pro units are designed to mount to DSLRs and monitors with their cold shoe and ¼” thread options. Solidly built with straightforward user interfaces, they are compact and handy for studio or field shooting uses.

Mars 400s Pro
Syscom 421S

Wireless Intercom Solution for Broadcast Production

If you have ever worked in outside broadcast, newsrooms, or on larger scale events you would be very familiar with duplex intercom systems. Communication is critical in these collaborative events and everyone in the team needs to talk and hear clearly and operate on cue, in order to deliver the highest quality programming.

Real-time Communication with Improved Voice Intelligibility

Broadcasting on the 1.9GHz band to avoid interference with other devices, the
Solidcom M1 is a dependable intercom system that gives you full-duplex communication. Just like using, say, a mobile phone, all people can converse at once, unlike walkie-talkies where only one person can send while the other receives.
The system utilizes Hollyland’s noise-cancellation algorithms, high 16KHz sampling rate, professional dynamic microphones, and super-wide 200Hz-7KHz frequency response, rendering authentic audio quality with better voice intelligibility and thus improved coordination efficiency.

Scalable for Your Lifetime Investment

The Solidcom M1's base station can be cascade-connected to multiple sets of audio equipment, including most common legacy intercom systems from other manufacturers, simply by connecting them with a standard network cable or XLR cable. There are four different interface connectors – 2W XLR, 4W RJ45, POE/LAN (Power Over Ethernet) power supply, and cascading interfaces.

Solidcom M1


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