About Hollyland

About Hollyland

Empower people to reconnect creativity wirelessly.

Our Values

Who is Hollyland

When it comes to team works, synergy is key to high efficiency and superior performance. At Hollyland, we are inspired by the vision of empowering people with the tools to connect, collaborate and co-create.

Our wireless solutions are expressly designed for data, audio, and video transmissions and wireless intercom systems for real-time team communication. Rapidly becoming the most competitive global wireless device and solution providers, Hollyland products are redefining the way people interchange and share ideas, visions, and creativity every day around the world.

All Hollyland's technological advancements and innovations are driven by great passion, perseverance, and an open culture that encourages curiosity and ingenuity. By putting customers at the center of everything we do, we are constantly inspired and actively work on finding new ways that better solve problems and adapt to customers' needs in this ever-changing world.

Founded in 2013, with years of dedicated R&D and experiences in wireless technologies and applications, the Hollyland brand has won recognition and trust by global customers for our persistent pursuance of excellence and quality.

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Company History



May - Jul. Launched the 1st "Feel My City Sounds" Creative Video Contest 2021 

Jun.  Released Solidcom M1, the first member to a whole new series of full-duplex wireless intercom solution - Solidcom 

Jul.- Sep. Launched the New Product Experience Officier Registration Campaign in Japan and the US for users to get hands on and test out Solidcom M1 

Sep. The 2nd Hollyland 912 Brand Day event was held 

Nov. Released Cosmo C1, the new member to the COSMO series, transformed by Hollyland's innovative HEVO wireless video transmission technology


Apr. Released the first professional monitor COSMO M7 with image transmission function 

Apr. "The Frontline Videomakers Assistance Program" was held to help videographers tide over the difficulties of the Covid pandemic 

May Released MARS X, a single transmitter wireless video transmission system product supporting APP monitoring function 

Jun. Released the integrated video transmission system SYSCOM 421 that supports four transmitters and one receiver designed for multi-camera streaming and broadcasting needs 

Jul. Released the new consumer-level video transmission system MARS 300 PRO 

Sep. The 1st Hollyland 912 Brand Day event was held 

Oct. Released the innovative video transmission system MARS 400S PRO for multi-person monitoring via WiFi 

Dec. Released Hollyland's new line product for professional audio recording, Lark 150, a wireless microphone system equipped with two ultra-compact mics and one dual-channel receiver.


Apr. Exhibited full-line products at the NAB2019 exhibition in the United States 

May Participated in the Korea KOBA2019 exhibition 

Jun. Met up with our local customers during exhibition at LA Cinegear held in the United States 

Jun. Participated in the Singapore BCA2019 exhibition 

Jun. Released MARS T1000, a consumer-level full-duplex wireless intercom system for efficient team communication up to 1000ft range 

Sep. Released a new generation of consumer-level wireless video transmission system MARS 400S supporting App monitoring function 

Sep. Exhibited full-line wireless transmission systems and technologies at IBC2019 held in the Netherlands


Jan. Released COSMO 2000, an innovative solution for professional wireless HDMI & SDI transmission system with transmission range up to 2000ft Mar. Exhibited at NAB2018 held in the United States 

Jun. Participated in the Singapore BCA2018 exhibition 

Jul.  Hollyland's proudcts officially entered B&H and Adorama platforms 

Sep. Participated in the IBC2018 exhibition in the Netherlands

Oct. Participated in the BIS2018 exhibition in India 

Nov. Hollyland's new generation consumer-level wireless video transmission system MARS 300 was released 

Dec. Hollyland moved its headquarter to Skyworth Innovation Valley, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China


Apr. Exhibited at NAB2017 held in the United States 

Sep. Participated in the IBC2017 exhibition in the Netherlands 

Oct. Exhibited a variety of network extender products and COSMO series wireless video transmission systems in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 

Oct. Participated in the India BIS2017 exhibition


Apr. Exhibited at NAB2016 held in the United States 

Apr. Participated in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 

Dec. Participated in the IBC2016 exhibition in the Netherlands 

Dec. Participated in the India BIS2016 exhibition


Apr. Participated in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) Released a 50-meter single network cable extender HLHC050J that supports ARC return and two-way widescreen infrared functions Released HLWH005, the wireless broadcasting HD transmission system with up to 120m range 

Oct. Participated in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)


Apr. Participated in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) Released a variety of new products, including HLHC050E supporting POE power supply and two-way infrared; 50m single network cable extender 050G5, POE power supply, two-way broadband infrared; 50m single network cable extender HDMI4*4, with POE


Shenzhen Hollyland Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013

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